Nerd News: 4 More Lord of the Rings Tubbz Launched by Numskull

Joining the fellowship of ducks already in this series, it now consists of a total of 12 Tubbz, with the latest 4 figures added to the Lord of the Rings line of these cos-playing ducks being; Gollum (who I think looks like some kind of crazy cross between a duck, Sloth from the Goonies and Darth Vader with his mask off), Saruman the white wizard, Samwise – the real hero of the films for putting up with Frodo’s constant nonsense and finally Arwen. The rest of the range is completed by Legolas, Gandalf the Grey, Frodo, Sauron, Galadriel, Aragorn, Gimli and Lurtz (who the hell is Lurtz?).

These are available to pre-order now and of course come in those amazing bath tub display boxes which these figures always come in!

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