8 Inch Gashadokuro Dunny by KidRobot

I’ve wanted to get a transparent designer toy for a long time now and have just never pulled the trigger. There are a few different companies that do them, and I’m not talking about double cast resin figures – what I’ve always had in mind are clear ABS shells with more going on inside. Some of the best examples for me are Jason Freeny’s anatomy edition balloon dogs (I still really need that), his anatomy edition gummi bears (again REALLY need one), there’s a ShoeUzi with the pink panther trapped inside and then of course there are a few options from KidRobot… Most recently a couple of versions of the Labbit.

But whilst looking around CollectAndDisplay.com I came across the answer for me!

The 8 inch KidRobot Gashadokuro Dunny.

This thing is absolutely incredible!

Let me start with the box! If you want to display this figure in the box, then the option you have is going to look stunning on your shelf. The colours, the Japanese inspired design work, the Dunny sketch on the back and even down to the window cut out having been cut to the shape of a skull. They really did think of everything to make this figure as amazing as possible.


Even though the box looks amazing and it’s a sealed box with tape over both ends, I couldn’t help myself. Before I ever even got it I had already resigned myself to wanting to display this beauty out of the box. I don’t have any KidRobot stuff in the box because it has so far always been blind box items, but there was just no way I wasn’t getting this out in all its glory.

The figure is an 8 inch and is made up of a plush Dunny some of the bones, some veins, the teeth and most importantly a little broken heart all embroidered in to it. However this isn’t going to be a plushie to cuddle because the whole thing is encased in a hard clear (if slightly tinted) ABS shell in the shape of an 8 inch Dunny.

One thing which I was expecting for some reason, not sure why, was that you’d be able to take it apart and reach the plushie inside. I think the Jason Freeny balloon dog can be taken apart and rearranged or displayed as just the skelleton, so maybe that’s why. But the pegs holding the 2 halves of the shell are stuck in place.

This doesn’t really matter but as I said it was just something I thought was possible.

The shell itself is almost identical to a vinyl Dunny, with the only difference being that the vinyl figure has a pretty defined hand structure with a gap between the thumb and rest of the “paw” allowing it to hold accessories. In the ABS shell version this is not there so he’s not going to be holding any of your 8 inch Dunny accessories any time soon.

The item isn’t available on the KidRobot website any more so I’m not sure how many were made, but it is available from Collect and Display where it will set you back £60.

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