Nerd News: 4 new Funko Sodas on the way Including Iron Man & the Tick

Funko have announced another 4 new designs (each with a chase) to join their Funko Soda range, which seems to be a nice popular range for them as it keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s hard to tell here in the UK because you just don’t see them often in shops, only ever stumbling across them from time to time online.

The first of these joins a recent POP announcement in the form of a DEVO soda where the chase is a glow in the dark (seemingly just the yellow body suit). There will be 8,000 of these:

Next we have 3 super hero themed soda figures and I bet the Iron Man one will be the most popular, with the chase version having the mask off. Funko thinks it’ll be popular too, making 20,000 of these… Not really a limited edition but hey, they gotta make money right! Then we have the Tick with a metallic chase limited to 10,000 and Captain Cold with a flocked chase limited to 7,500.

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