Nerd News: Secret Cinema Returns in July with Dirty Dancing

I don’t know how I feel about this one – I guess it’s bitter sweet because on the one hand its amazing to see that Secret Cinema are making a return this year with an event planned for July 2021, and on the other hand… It’s Dirty Dancing. I won’t lie to you, I won’t be going to this one, but its a good sign never the less that Secret Cinema and the quite frankly amazing experience it brings is making a come back.

National lockdowns in the UK have ruined many a planned event so I hope that this will be able to go ahead in July, and it looks like they’ve already thought ahead and are making this an outdoor event! As with many of their events (although I believe their recent drive through cinema experience was an exception) it is in an as yet undisclosed location in London.

They’ve marketed it pretty well as a present to give out this Valentine’s day and are giving some tips on how to spend V-Day this year in your pyjamas… I’m glad neither my wife or I like Dirty Dancing or celebrating this holiday!

This event starts from 14th July and goes through until 1st August at a cost of £49 per ticket, available to book through the Secret Cinema website now!

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