Hasbro Star Wars Playskool Galactic Heroes Mega Mighties – Stormtrooper

I got one of these figures today and straight up – it’s not one I got for me and I won’t be collecting these. I think items which are designed for that 3+ pre-school age range just generally don’t make great collectibles. On the one hand they are very stylised and cartoonish which makes them look cool, but on the other hand their quality is usually more about lasting than looking good. Later down the line there’s also not really that nostalgia factor – who really remembers what they were playing with aged 3?

I got this figure because yes it does look cool, and I have to say even in the box it’s actually and awesome looking figure – it genuinely would look good on my shelf… But I actually got it for my son. Start them young appreciating a good stormtrooper I say!

This thing looks sturdy and when you get it out, it really is!

But the trade off is that you’re not going to be posing it like a black series figure! It is articulated but only at the waist, neck, wrists and shoulders. But what more does a 3 year old need. Although I do know that my little guy will likely want him to ride a giant t-rex so movable legs at the groin wouldn’t have gone amiss!

This is a real collaborative work between Hasbro, Playskool and Disney, which means that it’s officially licensed and actually made by some decent toy makers. What you get is a crisp and clean figure. I’m not going to wang on for ages about it, or the sweet blaster it comes with (there’s even a small indent in his leg which the blaster can fit in to). But let me finish with this is a great first step in to action figures for kids – and that in turn is the first step towards future collectors who might take over your collection one day – so go ahead… This is one to buy, take out of the box and join your kids in playing with!

Just one last thing… Don’t get these mixed up with the little blister pack galactic heroes… this is a proper action figure! These mega mighties babies are 10 inches tall!

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