Nerd News: ThunderCats Ultimates ThunderTank Pre-Order from Super7

Available to pre-order now through the Super7 Online Store is this quite frankly incredible ThunderTank which is due to drop in the first quarter of 2022 with pre order being open now until 2nd April 2021 at the retail price of $450 + $40 shipping. There are payment plans available and shipping direct from Super7 is only to the US and Puerto Rico. International orders can be fulfilled through a number of partners.

This tank is designed for the Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates range of figures and at 27 inches long and 17 inches wide it’s big enough to hold 6 if your favourite ultimates figures in this cartoon accurate model! Other features include:

  • Articulated jaw
  • Articulated arms to expose hidden guns
  • Opening cargo bay doors
  • movable forehead panel revealing a hidden weapon
  • Rolling wheels on steel axles
  • Rubber tank treads (fully operational)
  • Swivelling turret
  • 2 interchangeable windshields

This thing looks absolutely incredible and is going to be well worth that year wait!

Even the box looks drop dead gorgeous!

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