Nerd News: Blade Reboot Gets a Writer

Marvel Studios have finally managed to find someone to take on the task of writing the Blade reboot film… If ever there was a franchise which needs a reboot, it’s the joy that is Blade. Wesley Snipes did an amazing job as Blade so it will be weird to see someone else step in to those shoes, but it has already been announced that this will be Mahershala Ali known for Alita: Battle Angel, True Detective, and Luke Cage amongst others… So you know it’s in good hands!

However WAY before any of that can even happen Marvel have announced that it will be written by Stacy Osei-Kuffour who has in the past worked on Watchmen and Hunters, so again, there is no worry what so ever that this movie is going to be looked after. If she can bring the brutality, humour and intelligence from those shows and merge them with what I think is the coolest of the Marvel characters – this might even become better than the originals! Sorry Snipes!

This is another great step for Marvel who are actively ensuring that diversity is embraced and talent is recognised without being dependant on age, sex, race or anything else. Osei-Kuffour is going to be the first black woman to write a Marvel movie, while they also recently announced Nia DaCosta to be the first black woman to direct a Marvel movie with Captain Marvel 2… Hopefully it won’t be long before those announcements won’t be news worthy any more and that talent is the only precursor to getting the gig.

We don’t know yet which direction she will take the Blade movie, but this fan right here is hoping that it gets taken in an R-rated direction… Surely that’s what a Blade reboot deserves!

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