Nerd News: Candylab x Hakan Chocolates Valentines Collaboration

Just in time for Valentines day, a chance for you to treat the toy car lover in your life to something which really lives up to the Candylab name… A nice little chocolate combo! This is available exclusively on the Candylab website.

If you’re buying the 3 pack of hand crafted Hakan chocolates at 15 Eur for the pack, which also includes a special Candylab key to my heart Valentines card, you can then finish the combo with any of the Candylab cars at 10% off. The 3 chocolates which you get in this really quite fancy pack are:

  • Tangy Yuzu Ganache & Toasted Almond Gianduja
  • Sake Ganache spiced with Sansho Pepper
  • Sakura Cherry Blossom paired with Suntory Whiskey

Note that there are very limited quantities available!

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