An Updated List of Funko Pop Figures I Want to See

I made one of these lists before – in fact it was one of my very first posts on this blog just over a year ago and some of those items have come true and we have seen a few of my biggest wish pops become a reality… Well I say some, I think it’s actually just a couple of pops from a single line as they released a couple of Slipknot figures. Never the less they have released a bunch of new figures in the past year which have made me think more about who else I’d like to see made in to a Funko pop figure.

Let me know in the comments if you agree with any of these or if there are any not in my list which you think have to be made in to pops!

David Attenborough

Come on! Why hasn’t this happened yet, and surely you don’t need me to say more about the man who’s voice is like honey for your ear holes!

From Hell

This is one of my favorite films and from the costumes to the characters, everything about the movie would translate well in to pop form… Speaking of which shows like Peaky Blinders and Ripper Street would work just as well.


I said it in my last one of these and I’ll say it again – we need some Korn pops… the whole band with the current line up which is just the absolute best. In the Nu-Metal genre they were absolute pioneers and they not only inspired but also nurtured so many bands that they deserve some poppin’ recognition!

The Crew of Red Dwarf

I’d like to see the whole crew of Starbug around the time where Kryten, Lister, Cat and Rimmer are also joined by Kotchansky… and I recon even a double pack featuring both versions of Holly would be awesome! If you need to choose one Holly, because it would just work so well, I think it would have to be him as the night watchman in a TV on wheels.

Josh Gates

I really do think that more people who make documentaries deserve recognition by being made in to cool little plastic figures… And I know that he’s a pretty big nerd too so he’d probably love it! He most well known for presenting Expedition Unknown, which is a show I absolutely love and I like how, when ever there’s a log in the way he HAS to jump over it from a low camera angle shot in slow motion… That would make for a perfect Television Moment pop!

Austin Stevens

This will be the last of my animal / nature / history presenter range suggestions I promise… Probably! Austin Stevens was most active around the same time as Steve Irwin but was always over shadowed by the Australian with an even bigger personality… Which was hard because Stevens is a huge character himself and I’d really recommend his shows to anyone who hasn’t seen them! A pop with an anaconda around him would be perfect.

Super Mario bros.

I’m pretty sure that Italy’s most famous plumbers, Mario and Luigi don’t need an introduction, bit I do like ti give Nintendo and funko a little chance to get over this.

Half Life

I saw someone mention this the other day and released that; Yes it was an awesome game… but no there isn’t a pop yet! The main character which you’d need as a pop of course is Gordon Freeman, who you play in the game, but they’d be able to expand it in to a full line with a selection of Xen creatures, maybe a marine and some of the other scientists?

Barry Weiss

You know… Barry Weiss. Not the music producer, that old guy from Storage Wars! He was such an awesome character that I was gutted when he left the show and that none of his spin off shows seemed to really make it! He was one of the most entertaining parts of the show. I think to be honest a reality TV line would do pretty well – there aren’t that many out there. Storage Wars, Pawn Stars the judges from Forged in Fire… They’d do well I reckon!

The Expendables

I’d love to see a full line of Expendables pops across all 3 movies, but in particular we need Barney Ross – Stallone at his best! Looking huge and having fun! There’s actually a pop made by FunkoBoss – Go check her out if you haven’t done before… Possibly the bets pop customizer out there right now – which is a custom of Barney Ross and it’s one of my favorite figures I’ve ever seen!

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