A Closer Look at the DC Heroes Breast Cancer Research Foundation Funko Pops

Last year Funko got involved with a few charity events and I think that makes for an amazing opportunity for Funko. Of course it drives sales and a lot of people were annoyed that Funko still makes some profit from those figures – but really who cares? Why shouldn’t they still make a marginal profit? Thanks to this range of DC heroes all dressed in pink, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation were $25,000 better off in 2020. Who the hell is going to moan about that? And they got that money regardless of how many of these pops Funko sold.

Funko could have gone ahead with these and done what they have this year with those disgusting pink Star Wars pops in time for Valentines day, so profit aside, I love that Funko are getting involved in the community. I’ll soon also talk about the Frontline Heroes and Bushfire Heroes pops which I have and the Pride collection which came out last year but I sadly just have the one from that collection. I believe they also collaborated with Smyths toy stores to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Thank you Funko, and well done!

I’m really not a big fan of pink – especially baby pink and originally the only reason I got this set is because breast cancer research, and any cancer research for that matter is a worthy cause to get behind. Now that I have them all in hand however it’s a whole different story!

They work!

I will say that I am quite glad to finally have them in hand because the first wonder woman I got from Pop in a Box was absolutely mashed up! Thanks to the UK’s worst courier company, Hermes of course. Then they were out of stock, but today I finally got my replacement and Pop in a Box really came through with this one! Thanks guys.

I think the main reason they work well is the boxes. The border art is a hot pink mixed with dark pink details which makes the boxes actually look amazing. I think apart from the black Star Wars & Batman boxes or maybe the Mad Max box artwork, these are some of my favourite boxes. Actually come to think of it the Frontline Heroes boxes are pretty nice too.

Moving on from the boxes the pops use a lot of darker pinks too which I really do prefer – except for the wonder woman pop which has a lot of light pink. As her outfit is quite revealing, the light pink against the light skin tones makes this quite a dull pop in my opinion and a few more dark pink highlights or sections (like the boots perhaps) would have helped to make it stand out a bit more.

For me the Harley Quinn is probably the nicest one and it’s always nice to see an old school Harley. I think the Suicide Squad incarnation wouldn’t have fit in with the rest of the set which all have a nice traditional feel to them. That comic book style with bold contrasting colours really helped make the marriage of different shades of pink work so well.

The full set by the way of course is made up of:

  • Batman
  • Harley Quinn
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman

All in all, they did a really great job with these and I have no intention of moving them out of my collection and really hope to see them use their market share for more charity work in the future!

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