Nerd News: Lots of Lilo & Stitch Announcements Out of Funko Fair

The biggest selection to come out of the Disney day of Funko Fair must have been Lilo and Stitch, although it may just feel like it because of the mystery mini wave which has been announced for the franchise. These mystery minis include Nani, stitch 626, Pleakley, Lilo, Jumba Jookiba, Pudge, Hoola Lilo, Gantu, Stitch, Scrump and Hula Stitch.

Along with the mystery minis there are other small releases in the form of pocket pop keychains which come as sitting Stitch and Lilo with a camera, or exclusive to Hot Topic there is hula stitch or a flocked sitting stitch… I’m not sure how well a flocked keychain is going to last though to be honest if you actually use it.

Other than that the common pops include Lilo with Gantu, a pop and buddy of Lilo with Pudge and then 2 Stitch pops (1 sitting and 1 playing guitar). These are joined by a sitting Stitch flocked exclusive to Target, a sleeping Stitch exclusive to Hot Topic, an FYE exclusive moment of monster Stitch, an exclusive to the Funko shop pop of Stitch with a record (including a chase version as well) and finally a pop ride of Stitch in a rocket ride.

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