Nerd News: Funko Fair Announces Some Classic Cartoon Pops

As expected there have been a multitude of Minions figures as well as a new wave of Rick and Morty pops which were all announced yesterday. The minions have already had plenty of mystery mini, pop and pocket pop figures but now we get a whole new bunch for the 2nd minions movie. Equally Rick and Morty seem to always be on the Funko social media pages with new announcements, and they’ve added another 7 pops to this range to!

However amongst all of these rehashed franchises we also got a few nice little surprises… Some classic stand alone pops! The first of these isn’t quite a stand alone as there are 2 but still it’s one character. It is of course Clifford the Big Red Dog. Firstly there is the standard pop which comes with a tiny buddy version of Emily, also in the box, and secondly a Hot Topic flocked version.

Second was a character which has been around in one form or another since as early as 1967 so I’m not kidding when I say its a classic character! I am of course talking about Super Chicken.

Thirdly, who doesn’t love a bit of Dilbert?

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