Nerd News: Godzilla Vs Kong Full Trailer Reaction

This was a bit of an annoying one as I haven’t been able to get back to it yet. I wrote a reaction post to the teaser trailers a few days ago and on the same day as I wrote those the full trailer was actually released so my post was a bit behind the times. However, I’m back for more now that the full trailer is out and I’ve had a chance to look through it. My initial reaction…

Same as it was for the teasers – this thing looks insane!

I will start by saying that the start of the new full trailer now feels a lot more like the 2014 Godzilla movie, and it really shows that it was produced by the same bunch of people and distributed through the same channels, although there is a different director at the helm this time around. There’s just something about the music choice and the chaos in the streets that feels like Godzilla… I just got this flashback to one of my favorite cinematic moments when the military parachute down past Godzilla in the night.

And by the way… if that’s the case, then that’s no bad thing. I know the 2014 movie divided people and there are parts of the story which are quite frankly nothing more than (but possibly even less than) dumb… but I love that film to the point where I’d count it amongst one of my favorite creature features.

I think that there’s a good chance that the level of dumb we saw in the 2014 movie might be repeated here… I don’t want to go in to depth but it looks like they may be making Kong swim to shore – chimps and gorillas can’t swim so I see no reason why he’d be able to breast stroke it to the beach, and also do we really need to believe that the ship would support Godzilla climbing on board and the 2 of them duking it out? I think he’d have capsized the boat, Kong would be flailing around cause he can’t swim, Godzilla would hold him down in the ocean, film over… But then that’s not great cinema is it! So bring on the artistic license… stop thinking about what could be and I invite you to sit the hell down and buckle up for what looks like an awesome film.

It looks visually stunning! That city! Although I’m still not sure where it is… I did assume they’d be kicking butt in America, cause you know… Warner Bros. made it, but that doesn’t look like the States. I still don’t know what the kids in the van are about and why exactly Monarch are again kidnapping giant monsters… What I do know is that this is the best looking Kong I have seen (other than I feel that they modeled his mannerisms in fight mode on Mike Tyson rather than an animal going in to battle). Even the night time shots looks incredible so I don’t think we’re going to be getting bored during this slugfest.

One thing which I’m looking forward to as well is the idea that we seem to get a glimpse in to their past (maybe just Kong, or maybe both of them) when more Kaiju roamed the earth and things like Kong beating a dragon thing with another dragon thing as if it were a battle club were just part of the day to day life of King Kong.

You’ve got everything you’d want from a creature feature in this film…

Battle in a city where giant skyscrapers get damaged?… Check!

Helicopters?… Check!

Giant monster on giant monster violence?… Check!

A fleet of battle ships?… Check!

One of the giant monsters showing a gentle side?… Check!

Space ships?… Uhmmm…. What?

So this is where the trailer loses me a little bit. Towards the end we see Kong fighting with first one and then several ships in the background with blue trails at their rear. These look 100% like space ships – in fact they look a bit like Star trek transporters, but what are they doing and when is he near them? Is that a flash forward? Is Kong an interdimensional being? Is he an alien? I really have no idea! But I hope that its not a detail which ruins the film in any way because I for one am REALLY looking forward to it!

Does anyone know what the space ships are about? What do you think of the trailer?

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