Nerd News: Funko Fair TV Nostalgia with Happy Days, Frasier, TMNT and Bewtiched

From years gone by, Funko have announced sets of funko pops from 4 classic and definately nostalgic shows, with none quite as iconic as Happy Days. Could there be a more iconic tv character than Fonzie? He is joined by Richie, Arnold, Chachi and Joanie. Having said that I do wonder whether the Fonze can compete with the cartoonized intro of Bewitched – Samantha Stephens looks insanely good as she is accompanied by Endora.

Equally, how many of us grew up with Frasier? I can’t say I was ever a fan but these guys are still icons, so it makes sense for Frasier, Niles and Martin to be joined by Eddie to be made in to pops.

Finally – and for me the most exciting one is a super sized Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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