Nerd News: Funko Fair Godzilla Vs Kong Goodness

Just in time for me to announce alongside my full trailer reaction post which will be coming just a few minutes is this Funko Fair announcement which was actually already announced by IGN on their twitter and tik tok accounts yesterday… I’m not sure why that was when Funko had made such a big deal of wanting to announce everything through the Funko Fair setup. I did feel like seeing 5 of the figures out of context filmed outside on a table in someones garden didn’t really make for a big reveal to me. It’s a shame they didn’t leave it with making their own announcement first because the pictures look great! I think for your fans who have been glued to the Funko Fair that was a weird decision to make Funko.

I’ll start with these 2 jumbo pops which will be Walmart exclusives, and I have to say that I’m not a big fan of the colors. I don’t feel like Funko colorways seem to work all that way as they’re just so well suited for using the right colors.

There are however also normal color versions of these jumbo sized pops as well as some common pocket pop key chains coming out which I’m glad to see – I think they look so much better. These are the one’s I’ll have my eye on. There are also 5 normal sized common pops, 2 Godzilla dn 3 Kong ones.

There are 2 more exclusives, although I’m not so sure about the BAM one because its a 2 pack but contains 2 of the common pops – Surely that is nothing but a money making scam! if you’re going to make a 2 pack include 2 new pops which you can’t buy separately… I’m just hoping that they haven’t explained it very well and that the 2 pops shown with the commons are just those two and won’t be available separately but who knows… That’ll be disappointing. The FYE exclusive on the other hand is a much better story as we get a glow in the dark version of the atomic fire breath Godzilla with blue eyes.

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