Nerd News: Avatar the Last Air Bender Pins Announced During Funko Fair

During this Funko Fair we’ve had a few pins but to be honest there haven’t been too many big pin reveals… Not as standalone products at least – there’s a pretty cool looking Luke Skywalker Pop and Pin reveal back from Star Wars day. These pins for Avatar: the Last Airbender on Animation day however are a nice little break between pops.

I know we’re all here waiting for the pops and we’ve had some pretty useless accessories announced… namely on marvel day, but until you see the pop pins in person you don’t realize how cool they are. I’ve still only got 2 and won’t get too many but they are a pretty cool product!

This set has 4 pins; Aang, Sokka, Appa and Katara but keep an eye out for the chase version of Aang. I don’t watch the Last Airbender and I have very little interest in this set, but that chase Aang is one of the best looking pins Funko have ever made!

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