Nerd News: Funko Fair Goes Old School on Movies Day

To make the movies day that bit more special, Funko have tackled a few older movies to really try and salvage the disappointment that was Marvel day on Friday. There had long been hope that the Cool Runnings pops would be announcedand I think no one is going to be bummed out about how good Sanka and Irving Blitzer look… I do want to see the whole cast eventually though!

Thats not the only older movie though with a Billy Hoyle and Sydney from White Men Can’t Jump joining Rick O’connell, Imhotep and Evelyn Carnahan from the Mummy… I think those last ones, especially Rick are some of the best to come out of Funko Fair yet!

I should have mentioned the next announcement at the same time as White Men Cant Jump as both movies came out in 1992… there is a set containing young Dracula, Van Helsing, Dracula in a gown complete with a chase version (although when I see him I just see mr burns from the simpsons tree house of horrors) and 2 versions of Dracula in armour. The masked one of these is a Funko shop exclusive.

Finally the most nostalgia provoking announcement is Data, Mikey, Brand, Chunk and 2 versions of Sloth from the goonies… Sloth and Chunk look amazing! One sloth is exclusive to Walmart while Brand is a Target exclusive.

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