Nerd News: WWE Items Announced for Funko Fair

I think a lot of people had anticipated some WWE pops to be announced today but actually there has been so much more put out on the table, and let’s start with the big ones! Firstly a television moment style figure set of The Rock Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin in a RAW wrestling ring, as well as a 2 pack containing metallic versions of The Rock and Mankind, exclusive to Walmart:

Also available exclusively at Walmart is an old school metal lunchbox with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on, a t-shirt in a cereal box containing Rock’n’Socko’s and a set of 4 enamel pins. Other exclusives include a metallic pop and pin set for Eddie Guerrero exclusive to Game Stop and a metallic Stone Cold Steve Austin exclusive to Seven Eleven.

However it’s not all exclusives, there are also a few common figures which have been announced, which include; Edge, Drew McIntyre, Otis (Money in the Bank), Chyna and a common version of Stone Cold.

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