Nerd News: Five Nights at Freddys & Pokemon Releases at Funko Fair

These two I have kept together because they both always seem to cause quite the stir. On the one hand Pokemon has full fledges cult legend status whilst Five Nights at Freddys has a more underground cult status for those in the know! These have been discussed for a while, especially the action figures as they are just a new spring colorway for figures which have already been available. There are however also a whole new set of plushies which are always quite cool to see for this franchise.. They just make sense!

The Easter Bonnie action figure and chocolate Bonnie plush are both exclusive to Walmart.

There are also 4 new pokemon pops, although these are a little bit less spoken about than other today… Maybe people are getting to used to the number of Pokemon pops popping up now, much like they did with the Fortnite ones some time ago. Psyduck, Meowth and an angry looking Pikachu are joining the ranks along with what is actually a very nice silver metallic Bulbasaur!

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