Nerd News: Funko Fair Day 3 is off to a Slow Start with gamer Foods

It’s the much anticipated third day of Funko Fair 2021 and it seems to have been something people are excited about because they are 2 subjects which people get very passionate about. Gamers passionately love not only their individual games but also their gaming systems, with the world of games bringing about some of the most amazing cosplays in the community (alongside anime cosplayers of course). Sports on the other hand can make people so passionate that it truly divides people and those passions cane come to a boiling point. I think this is why the e-athlete community has been able to grow – they share so much with one another.

So with all of that passion and all of those things which you could choose from to kick off this day – excuse the pun, what could they go with? NFL pops, NBA pops, some sports Soda figures, 30th anniversary Sonic pops, Cyberpunk pocket pops? Or maybe go old school… there’s so much to choose from! I saw someone on Twitter suggest Half Life pops… Why did I never think of that!

But we get none of that!

Instead what we have is 3 new plush toys of “gamer food”…. Really… gamer foods?

Don’t get me wrong these things are cute and if Game Stop really want these, power to them but I think it only appeals to a small audience and would have been a cute little desert annoucnement right at the end.

But that’s what we’ve got to kick off today, a plush noodle cup, shrimp cake and dumpling!

On the plus side, the announcements can’t possibly go down from this point today!

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