Nerd News: Funko Fair Dragon Ball Z Announcements

We’re on day 2 of Funko Fair, and it’s anime day… I think it was always going to be a fair guess that the first announcement would be about Dragon Ball Z and I’m sure DBZ fans will not be disappointed by this first big announcement! I don’t know if its a big announcement in terms of importance as I have to admit that I know nothing about anime… but it’s definitely big in numbers!

There is a range of Pocket Pop keychains now for DBZ featuring Master Roshi, Vegeta, Gohan and Goku. There is one exclusive keychain at Hot Topic of Goku. These are being joined in most outlets by pop figures for Cell (First form), SS Goku, Vegito, Dr. Gero, Kami, S8 child Vegeta, S8 Frieza (100% final form) and Goku eating some noodles.

Then we do also have a few exclusives to talk about. The SS Goku with Kamehameha will have 2 alternative versions, with the first being a glow in the dark version from FYE and the second being a diamond collection version from Hot Topic. Gamestop will then have a metallic version of Vegito whilst Walmart will have a glow in the dark version of the first form cell.

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