Nerd News: Funko Fair Soda Announcements

Earlier today we saw the schedule for announcements as part of the Funko Fair event which gave away very little about what would be happening today, so it was a great surprise and a welcome one at that, to see the announcement of some new Funko Soda figures – the first to be announced in 2021!

Firstly we have the werewolf from Scooby-Doo which has a glow in the dark chase version and is limited to just 7,500 figures

Secondly there’s a My Hero Academia one, and I’m sure it’ll be popular as there aren’t that many anime soda figures yet. It’s the All Might with a glow in the dark chase and it looks like Funko also think it’ll be popular as they have produced 20,000 of these.

Finally there’s a new Beetlejuice figure, with him wearing his trademark striped suit in the common form and a red suit in the chase version. There are 15,000 of this figure.

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