Nerd News: Funko Fair 2021 starts today! Here’s the Schedule

The Funko Fair which is Funkos answer to there being no traditional industry toy fairs this year – as it’s such an important time for them to release and preview their items for the year. I think we really need to applaud them for going that extra mile and making sure that with everything which is going on in the world. they’re still trying to bring the joy!

So here’s the layout for the week and I’ll try to sum up each day as we get to it!

Day one (Tuesday 19th January) – Opening ceremony

Day 2 (Wednesday 20th January) – Anime

Day 3 (Thursday 21st January) – Sports & Games

Day 4 (Friday 22nd January) – Marvel

Day 5 (Saturday 23rd January) – Movies

Day 6 (Sunday 24th January) – Television

Day 7 (Monday 25th January) – Animation

Day 8 (Tuesday 26th January) – Disney

Day 9 (Wednesday 27th January) – DC

Which day are you most looking forward to and are there any announcements you’re really hoping for? I’ve been working on a list of new pops I’d like to see, maybe I need to get my behind in gear and get that list sorted this evening and see how many, if any come true this year!

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