WandaVision First Impressions (Episodes 1 & 2)

WandaVision is a mini series which has just premiered on Disney+ which has become well known for producing some top grade tv… In particular The Mandalorian which has just finished its second run to waves of applause. So there were high hopes for this new streaming series taking on the MCU – although I have to say that right from the trailer I wasn’t overly convinced. I think now that it has made its first appearance and episodes 1 and 2 are live, the general consensus is that there doesn’t seem to be a general consensus. This thing has REALLY divided people!

Personally – and I’ll go in to this further but spoiler alert – sit on the side of the fence that smells a lot like a garbage dump.

I really don’t know how to better describe it without using language unbecoming of a superhero series, so I think i’ll have to stick with trash.

Before I saw it, it felt like it was going to be some kind of terrible mashup of Bewitched (they definitely stole a lot from that show – including the weird cartoon sequence), the Truman show (they say that they realise that something is amiss – we all know what’s amiss – their new ideal life isn’t going to be real) and just about every cheesy family sitcom that has ever been released. So far, it is exactly those things with the addition of possibly a tiny bit of a sense of danger that someone is coming to get them.

Turning a superhero couple in to a couple living int suburbia has so much potential and the whole concept is totally original and ground breaking – what a huge opportunity for Disney and Marvel – But what you get really is a really generic re-hashing of the same old rubbish. The jokes and setup really have nothing new to give us… The only slightly enjoyable things are the little TV advert Easter eggs for a toaster made by Stark Industries or Hydra releasing a wrist watch. Other than that this show genuinely had me yawning and waiting for it to end.

They’re clearly setting it up for something better and just as I did with The Walking Dead: World Beyond I’ll give it another 1 or 2 episodes max for them to make their point… I really do think that they should have condensed what they have put in to the first 2 episodes in to just half an episode to set the scene. It’s clear from social media that the current setup has already lost a lot of people. Had it not been for the fact that this is Vision and Wanda Maximoff, I wouldn’t even consider watching this. I am just purely hanging on to the thought that it must get better.

It will get better… right?

I’m just trying to think of anything about the show which I could recommend or which I enjoyed and I have to say that even though I rate Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany very highly as actors and they do a great job in this show – it’s the job which they’re required to do which I have a problem with. They act it very well, I just like that style of acting and story telling. I would say that the costumes and props are good but there’s really nothing special about them – It doesn’t take much to make a striped cardigan look old and in the right style in black and white.

They can’t even make her magic consistant… She can snap her fingers and magic a fully functioning pulley and winch system, but cant magic together a simple steak? Although to be fair in the Marvel universe as a whole, the abilities of the Scarlet Witch have been changed and redefined so often that I’m not surprised that the writers could decide on what she can and can’t suddenly do!

I’m really looking for a positive and the only thing I can come up with is that the episodes are short so they don’t annoy me for too long.

I must say that amongst film and television critics this show has been very well received, with many of them hailing it as a beautiful nod towards the golden age of television programming… You know what, if it were a tribute act then I could agree with that – the camera and editing work certainly do look lovely, but the average MCU fan wants to see sky beams ripping apart the world, aliens swarming the solar system, the fabric of time and space being torn apart and Norse gods prancing around on a technicolor rainbow bridge… Do they really care about a black white mom and pop sit com? I think this is why there is largely such a big divide between MCU fans and general film and tv buffs.

I really hope they drop the “ye olde television” act soon and get to some ass kicking instead very soon!

It’s a cute little spin off but definitely not for me as it stands!

What do you think so far?

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