Nerd News: NECA Announce 7” Scale Alien Action Figures – 40th Anniversary Assortment 4th Wave

Even though Alien came out in 1979, NECA are still celebrating the 40th anniversary with an ongoing series of action figures with special 40th anniversary backing cards. As well as being an amazing film which has stood the test of time, I believe it is also the theme of the biggest range of figures which NECA offer. This latest set is made up of 3 figures, which are due to hit the shelves in May 2021. These are only getting a limited run, so don’t miss out!

Navigator Joan Lambert is the first figure and it’s a re-release of an old figure which has had a bit of a make over, with a new photo realistic face sculpt based on actress Veronica Cartwright.

Secondly we have yet another re-release based on an older figure, and again with a photo realistic face sculpt of Ellen Ripley as portrayed by Sigourney Weaver.

Finally there is an updated alien figure with a completely updated paint job based on the original concept designs by the amazing H. R. Giger.

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