Nerd News: KidRobot Happy Hour Plush Coming Soon

These things are equal measures of cute and fun, and I’m sure they’ll do very well. KidRobot are known for some of their more wacky plush toys, whether this is plush nigiri, plush hover boards or plush fried chicken, so it’s no shock to the system that they have released an adults drinks range.

At the moment there are just 2 happy hour plush toys, with the first being Max the Moscow Mule. This 10 inch plush has a shiny looking cup finish and it looks like all of the accessories are stuck in place with this one, which costs $29.99.

On the other hand is Camile the Pina Colada, which is the one I was far more excited about. This one comes in a plush coconut shell and pineapple, umbrella and cherries in this drink can be removed, which I know isn’t huge, but it does just make it that bit more fun! This one is also $29.99 for 10 inches of fun!

Both can be pre-ordered now from the KidRobot website with a release some time in the first quarter of 2021.

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