Nerd News: KidRobot x Chia Pet Munny World 5″ Sprout Munny

I don’t know how on earth I missed this thing, because it is absolutely awesome!

It’s not the first time that KidRobot and Chia Pet have teamed up, with there being a few Munny figures where you can grow a hair do, but this is a little different because it is the first time that the chia seeds can grow over the entire figure making a truly living toy for your collection. Their slogan is that it allows you to grow art and that’s so true! I wonder how many people will grow the seeds in interesting patterns, because it looks like that sort of freedom is totally up to you!

As with all the chia pet products from KidRobot these can’t be sent out of the USA due to some restrictions with the seeds. This is a real shame because I actually really like the terracotta and I’d be happy to have this guy without the seeds too.

The process looks pretty simple. You drown the terracotta munny for a while to let it fully saturate, then roll it in the seeds as if it were a rug before putting it somewhere to let nature reclaim it for a while! I absolutely love it and at just $19.99 this 5 inch figure is an absolute steal. Get it now as there are only 750 in existence!

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