Nerd News: Disney are Launching Star on Disney+ & Here’s What they’ll be Showing

On 23rd February 2021 your Disney+ package is going to become a whole lot bigger and it’s still going to be at a great, if slightly inflated price. That means that in the UK you’ll now be paying £7.99 per month (or £79.9o for the full year) instead of £5.99, but you’ll be getting a whole range of new movies and shows including old favourites and even more Disney originals.

Here’s a run down of what else you’re going to be able to expect from this upgraded package, and I think most people will agree that it still looks pretty good – I know I won’t be rushing to cancel my subscription. It also of course still features the Disney shows & movies, Star Wars shows, Marvel universe, Pixar channel and National Geographic programs you’re used to.


The classic series following Jack Bower in which each season contains 24, 1 hour episodes allowing the crime thriller to essentially run at around real time.


This comedy drama is, as you can guess, set in Atlanta, USA and follows Earnest as he tries to manage his cousins (Alfred) rap career in the Atlanta hip hop scene.

Big Sky

A thriller series following a couple of private detectives looking for a couple of sisters which just unwinds in to far more than that.


American sitcom about the Johnsons, an upper middle class African American family.

Desperate Housewives

This classic comedy drama looking at the lives of suburban ladies in America is bringing a massive 180 episodes to the channel.

Family Guy

In a bid to add some more mature content to the channel to appeal to the adult viewers is this immature for mature audiences treat!

How I Met Your Mother

A sitcom where the main character essential reminisces about his time with his friends in Manhattan, New York as his life lead up to the time he met the other of his son and daughter, to whom he’s telling the story.


Another classic series coming to Disney, following the survivors of Oceanic Air flight number 815 which just gets more and more mysterious with each season.

Love, Victor

Set in the same cinematic universe as the movie “Love, Simon” it follows the personal, emotional and sexual development and journey of discovery for a student.

Prison Break

A story of a man trying to break his brother out of prison while he faces a death sentence, and to clear his name for the crime he didn’t commit. This gripping story spans 5 seasons, adding an impressive 90 episodes to the channel.

The X-Files

One of the most well known sci-fi programs ever to have been made it follows FBI agents Mulder and Scully as they investigate all manner of paranormal cases from aliens to unexplained murders and disappearances.

But the channel isn’t just about adding all manner of TV shows from the past to their roster, they’re adding some films as well including the Die Hard franchise, but this seems to be the only certainty for now. There is a lot of speculation that it will be getting all of the same content as American streaming platform Hulu in which case the pre-Daniel Craig James Bond franchise would also appear on the service.

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