What is TCon the ToyConosaurus by ToyCon

TCon the ToyConosaurus is the physical figure which brings the mascot of the UK ToyCon to life each year, and every year it is very slightly different. The one which you’ll see in this article is my own one which came from the 2020 ToyCon and has a marbled colourway. This particular one is actually made from unpainted vinyl and the marbling is in the vinyl itself so each one is very slightly different.

This figure is produced exclusively for distribution by ToyCon and they are made on their behalf by Unbox Industries, having been designed by the Hang Gang. They’re always made from vinyl (or at least have been up to now), although a couple of time they have been made in a transparent vinyl (once a rainbow colourway and once a pink colourway with glitter mixed through it).

How big is the TCon?

The original TCon, along with a few since then (including the one featured here) was 5 inches tall, with there also being a number of 10 inch tall versions.

How is TCon packaged?

I can only say for certain about the one which I have from 2020, but I believe them all to be packaged the same, which is in a clear plastic bah with a top securing card label. With this you could technically display it in the packaging, especially if your collection is displayed in a shop style, which I have seen from a number of collectors (especially those who collect older toys like Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures in the packaging).

I actually very carefully removed the staples holding the label together which released the bag which isn’t vacuum sealed or anything like that so I actually wouldn’t have too much trouble putting it back to the original packaging (I even kept the old staples).

Where can I buy TCon?

You might be able to pick up some of the older sold out lines on sites like eBay, but the best place to buy this figure, especially if it is not yet sold out is definitely through ToyCon. You’ll be supporting a great UK convention by doing so and also you can be sure that you’re getting a top quality original product:


How much does TCon Cost?

The cheapest one at the time of writing this was a glow in the dark bare vinyl colourway in the 5 inch version for £30, with the 5″ clear pink one being just £5 more and the rainbow transparent one being £10 more. The one I have here is the most expensive of the 5 inch figures at £50 but its one of my favorite vinyl figures so is well worth the money. If you want a 10 inch figure these will run you from £70 to £80, but you do have a little more choice in colour that way.

But be quick, because as it stands while writing this there were actually only 3 designs left on their site.

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