30 Best Funko Pops Announced in 2020

I know that 30 is a lot but this year has actually been a year of pretty damn cool pops produced by Funko… I know they had a lot of problems this year (as many companies have) and have had to scale down a little but they still managed to release an insane number of pops. There are a bunch of new lines and some lines I think definitely had a few too many and because of that you won’t see a single pop in my list for the Office and absolutely no Baby Yoda’s!

I couldn’t whittle it down any more than these 30 and to be honest I probably could have fairly easily done a top 50 if I wanted to! Just to be clear as well this is a list of pops which have been announced this year (so some may not hit the shelves until the start of 2021) and I have got them in no particular order.

These are all just my own opinion – what do you think? Let me know if you don’t agree or think I missed anyone out in the comments!

The JokerBlack light glowDC Comics
Coca Cola CanDiamond editionAd IconsBox Lunch
Evel KnievelChaseIcons
Cutey CornFantastik PlastikFunko Hollywood
He-ManMasters of the
Funko Store
Slush PuppieFlockedAd IconsTarget
Pizza RatFunkoNew York Comic
Miles MoralesStreet ArtMarvelNew York Comic
Papa Emeritus IVGhostHot Topic
Front Line HeroesHeroes
Spicy OodlesFantastik PlastikHot Topic
Hello Kitty (Sky)
Diamond EditionSaniroFunko Store
Ronald McDonaldAd Icons
Iron ManWood DecoMarvelEntertainment
Master Chief with
MA40 Assult Rifle
in Active Camo
The Joker as Jack
DC ComicsTarget
John McClaneDie HardWalmart
Harley QuinnPink (Breast
Cancer Research)
DC Comics
Zim with Mini
Invader ZimSan Diego
Comic Con
Strawberry Sour
Patch Kid
Sour Patch Kids
ToshiPop Around
the World
Funko Store
Big BoyAd IconsFunko Store
Ron BurgundyAnchormanSan Diego
Comic Con
Gelatinous CubeDungeons and
Emerald City
Comic Con /
NancyThe Craft
Johnny BravoJohnny BravoFunko Store
Kool Aid Man10″Ad IconsTarget
Billy ButcherThe BoysWalmart
Alan “Dutch”
OzzyPop Around
the World
Funko Store

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