What is a Kidrobot Dunny

Wow, now that’s a hell of a question! 

I could write on for ages about the various different series, sizes and collaborations but that would make for one long post which I think no one is going to want to read.  So what I’ll do instead is to give you an overview of the basics of these guys and then slowly add more details about the various series etc in separate posts which I’ll link to below…  Stay with me on that though because it might take a little while.

On the face of, if you want to get very simple a Dunny is vinyl figure by designer toy company Kidrobot.  I was going to say that they’re a blind box toy but actually that’s a little to simplistic as its just not the case for all of them!

When you see them in your average comic book shop, what your most likely to come across are the blind box ranges which come in tons of series which we’ll discuss in later posts.  But in a nutshell they’ll have a theme such as Andy Warhol or Kaiju, and for the purpose of illustration I’ll talk about the latter now.

When you buy one of these blind box series they’ll be in a rectangular box with a bag inside which ensures that even if the box is damaged, it’s still a blind box.  The figure inside is a stylized bunny (hence the name), and what really sets them apart is the paintjob on the figures. 

The kaiju set is based on the kaiju monsters from Japanese culture.

The series in this case is made up of 18 designs with 17 of these being listed on the sides of the packaging along with the chance of getting each.  This chance might be 2 in 24 (although I don’t know why its not just 1 in 12) or as unlikely as 1 in 96 – which is the mystery dunny.  There is also one in this set where it doesn’t specify the chance of getting it.

The artwork which covers these figures is usually either based on a franchise or done by a variety of artists with this set being designed by Jeff Lamm, Rampage Toys, Candie Bolton, James Groman, Bwana Spoons and Chauskoskis.  So there’s going to be a lovely range of designs.

You’re not always going to necessarily buy them from an average shop, and if you go down the specialist designer toys shop route, special edition / exclusive retailer or the official website (click here) you can get a while range of other figures, and these are the rare / expensive ones!  Generally speaking these more special edition dunny figures will be in a display box rather than fully blanked on each side, to allow them to be easier displayed and protected (as they are very collectible, commanding a much higher price usually than toys like Funko pops and being produced in far more limited numbers.

So how big is a Kidrobot Dunny?

A dunny can be 3 inches, 5 inches, 8 inches, 20 inches or even 4 feet tall (but that last one is a very expensive figure) if you’re looking at one of the ones not in a blind box, with all the blind box dunny figures being 3 inches tall.

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