Splat With A Hat for Customisers by Splatoys

I recently got a box of 5 splats with hats from Splatoys as part of a promotion they did with some splats which they had stripped of most of the paint and wanted to see what people could do with them. They were advertised as such so I wasn’t expecting them to arrive perfect and actually I didn’t even think that they would come in boxes… BUT! They did come in boxes!

The condition wasn’t perfect, there was still a bit of paint left on them and that paint was a pain for customizing with markers – I destroyed so many Sharpies doing the first one! But again I was warned of this, and it was the exact reason I purchased them. I wanted to have a play with some different colors an designs. All in all I was very happy when they eventually arrived.

The shipping is actually where I’m going to make the only criticism and I have to say that it actually put me off buying other figures while I was waiting for these to arrive. Now that I have them I have to say I would certainly use them again but recommend that they don’t use UPS any more… I think it took about 7 weeks or so to arrive in the end. I purchased a few things from the states even a month after these which arrived quicker than these did. Some how on the tracking they went missing after they left Fort Lauderdale and then turned up in Atlanta 4 weeks later!

I dunno, maybe they delivered them by foot?

But I digress, and don’t want to take away from the figure – its so damn simple, but that’s what makes it a lot of fun to work with! I want to get my hands on some normal Splats next, the ones without the hat. The hat makes these difficult to customize with anything other than a brush… The gap between the peak of the cap and the raised eyes doesn’t give much room for markers.

I believe the normal Splats are vinyl but these feel like some kind of resin perhaps? As a result I wasn’t sure how different materials would react to it. As I said it absolutely destroys markers, but when it comes to acrylic paints and inks these just suck up those colors! Even with Sharpie markers I noticed that working with 2 colors next to each other, they don’t bleed as much as usual. I would say the best results I got were with the inks (I tend to use Windsor and Newton but also used Liquitex) when looking at the mixture of ease of application due to the shape vs. finish. The colors really pop and they dry surprisingly quickly… Although water dries or gets sucked in quickly too so you don’t get quite the same ink effects mixed with the water as you might on paper or canvas. I would however say that in terms of finish, the absolute best result I got was with acrylic markers – it’s a pleasure to colour these with those pens (I use MTN and UniPOSCA)… However! and this is a big however… The peak on that cap REALLY gets in the way of a a decent marker pen, especially above the eyes.

I’d love to see what other people do with these… My first attempt was a predator vision style design which didn’t come out all that great and I think part of that is because of how the material reacted to the markers… It was hard work and looks nowhere near as good as when I used a similar design on a Kid Robot Munny.

I’ve also started an Acid smiley face although the paint I have is struggling to cover the residual paint left on these… As is often the case when you try to cover something with yellow! I think a nice spray paint base coat would have done these a world of good. The finally I had a go at one of my more abstract color splats and I actually really love it! It might well be my favourite figure I have done to date and I’m not just talking Splat!

I haven’t been customizing for long so there might be professionals who disagree and find working with these much easier, even around that hat, but for me as an amateur, these are a lot of fun for work with! I just need to get some normal splats now to join my collection! This is a great company to deal with – Xavier over there is only 16 I believe and he’s far more professional than many older, more seasoned business people I have dealt with, so I tip my hat to him – he’s got a nice idea going here and I hope to see it get more popular.

Just a quick finishing note about the box. They are a pretty nice box but I would like to see them maybe made a bit taller so that the viewing window can be bigger and to counter the price difference I think they could actually use a thinner card stock and end up with a nicer box – it doesn’t need to be as thick… The artwork on the box though is great – he’s done a good job at branding this toy.

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