Playmobil Back to the Future Advent Calendar

Last year I had a Funko calendar which was really cool, but this year I wanted to try out something else, so I went for the Playmobil Back to the Future one instead.  It looked like a really cool product and I got it from their official website at the same time as picking up one of the Playmobil 123 calendars for my 2 year old son.  I had heard that Playmobil were upping their game when it came to collectables for adults by bringing out a few franchise ranges like Ghost Busters and of course Back to the Future.

What could go wrong right?

You know what, nothing actually went wrong with the purchase as such but I also didn’t use it as it was meant to be used…  You know, one day at a time for the first 24 days of December!  I did manage it for about 10 days or so…  but honestly, then I just went a bit off track and opened the whole thing like some ravenous child with a chocolate calendar!

I think the concept behind this calendar (which is that you put together a whole display / play scene) is a really great one, but if you’re impatient like me, once you have it built part of the way you’ll just want to complete the whole thing and it doesn’t help when on some days you literally just get a piece of string or some cuffs / accessories for the figure you got the day before.  It didn’t help that I have just re-done my collection room and I had a space to put it and just wanted it done!

What you put together with this calendar is however pretty damn impressive!  In the box you also get a diorama which I have to say was pretty complicated, fiddly and frustrating, but I got it made and then realized that it wouldn’t fit at the bottom of my display unit, so I did have to cut the sides off, and now it fits perfectly!

As you open doors you get a mixture of things.  Some times you’ll open a new figure, you’ll get some accessories or you’ll get something which helps you build or accessorize the diorama which is a stroke of genius.  There are things like lamp posts, zip line, benches, signs and more, so you really can build some really cool scenes.  Now I did want to have the whole lot on display which is cool but it does mean that you will end up with several versions of Doc and Marty.  Cool for kids to play with but a bit awkward for displaying.

The attention to detail in this dioarama is absolutely incredible though so I really have to commend Playmobil on their efforts.  The figures and other things which you can buy from the company are very child orientated but if they keep doing this type of product and with these kinds of franchises (films which you might have watched when you may have played with Playmobil as a child), they’re going to be on to a winner.  At least I hope so because I want to see more of this stuff!

Would I recommend this calendar?

For a kid it’s a great calendar and much in the same style as the Playmobil 123 calendar which I got for my little guy (it’s not something I’m going to review any time soon though as he’s going through it properly, and it’s not really a product for collectors – it’s a Christmas petting farm type scene).  As an adult collector I would suggest that actually yes this is still a really cool product, just expect that perhaps you will want to just tear in to the thing and spend an evening putting it all together…

…  And then maybe acting out some of your favourite scenes!

I think it looks like it is actually the right size when it comes to the street and electricity wire above the road to allow you to drive the Playmobil DeLorean model through diorama – after all, both the diorama and car were made to accommodate the standard Playmobil figures.  Now that would be a cool way to finish this display off!

Oh and it’s a much cheaper option than the Funko calendars if you’re tossing up your options between the two.  If you want a collectable advent calendar then this one is one of the best value ones out there at the moment!

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