Nerd News: Some Amazing New Funko Soda Figures Join the Range Including from Pan’s Labyrinth and some Ad Icons!

Looks like I was a bit quick off the mark with sending out my top 10 Funko Soda figures of the year and I really didn’t think I’d be updating my Soda figures list again in 2020 but here I am with another news announcement about this popular range, and there are some amazing ones in this announcement! The first of these and for me the best looking one’s are 2 figures from Pan’s Labyrinth in the form of Faun and Pale Man, with the first being limited to 10,000 pieces and having a blue chase and the second being limited to 12,500 pieces and having a chase with a different hand position.

Then we have a couple of ad icons which both as the pop form and soda figure are always a very popular range. In this annoucnement there is the ever popular Cheetos Chester Cheetah who is limited to 12,500 pieces and has a glow in the dark chase. The second is a 4,000 (or 3,000 depending on which picture of the can you look at) limited edition Funko Shop exclusive of Cap’n Crunch which was the 9th December days of Christmas offer from Funko. This had a black and white chase.

Both DC and Marvel have a new addition each with Marvel having two of the new luchadore range sodas being added in the form of El Aracno (spiderman) and El Furioso (the Hulk) with both being limited to 15,000. Both of these have a metallic chase, whilst the DC addition (Justice League Martian Manhunter limited to 10,000) has a glow in the dark chase.

From the world of animation there are 3 new figures as well including Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas, with those items always being super popular which is why it’s limited to 15,000 with a glow in the dark chase. The second is another addition to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, this time with Raphael who has a glow in the dark chase and 12,500 limit. This now finishes all 4 of the turtles and I wonder whether Splinter and April might be next to finish the set. The final animated one is a bit more obscure in the form of Quick Draw McGraw which has a 10,000 piece edition and a chase where he is wearing a black mask and holding a guitar.

There are now a few horror soda figures which is always nice to see, and they’ve announced one more addition to this range Jack Torrance from the Shining which is limited to 12,500 and has an icy looking blue coloured chase.

Finally a range where there aren’t all that many Soda figures yet is the gaming set, with the addition of Crash Bandicoot which looks amazing and has a gold chase. This one is limited to 12,500 pieces.

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