Nerd News: New Garbage Pail Kids Funko Pops Coming Soon

These are available to pre-order now and I know that they’re a very sought after and well anticipated range to come out as they were such a big part of many people’s childhoods. The Garbage Pail Kids of course come under the retro banner as they were part of an 80’s collectors card / trading card set. To start with there will be 4 of these characters which are available to pre-order now from Pop in a Box using the link below for £9.99 each and are also part of their 2 for £18.99 offer:

Firstly there is Jay Decay who was card number 5 from series one of the card set with Leaky Lindsey being card number 45. From series 2 of the cards there is number 81a in the form of Split Kit and 100a from series 3, which is Ali Gator. These figures really are a lot of fun and making those cards in to a 3d figure is a stroke of genius!

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