Ready Or Not Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I looked at watching this a few times as it has been on Sky Cinema for a few weeks now and for some reason I just kept putting it off. From the description of the movie to the cast it doesn’t look overly enticing. It’s a film about a girl who marries in to a very wealthy family who celebrate all new unions in to the family with a games night, which turns out to be far more dangerous than it sounds.

What I will say is that this film surprised me at every turn!

There are certain parts of the film which are laugh out loud funny, interspersed with every horror cliché you could possibly think of to have you laughing and shouting at the screen almost from start to finish. When you hear the phrase comedy horror it can some times put you off more than suck you in, but this film definately restores a little pride to that name.

The cast surprised me as well. Keeping in mind that you want this film to be funny but also either scare or shock you with the horror, cast members like Adam Brody, Melanie Scrofano, John Ralston and Henry Czerny who you might not recognize from too many films bring pretty solid performances, whilst Andie Macdowell of course adds a layer of class to the finished product. BUT Samara Weaving absolutely steals the show. The intensity she brings to the part is admirable and she also helps to breathe some young life in to the phrase scream queen… For the ENTIRE film!

You’re going to be rooting for Grace the whole way through the film.

This movie doesn’t need lots of fancy language and posh talk in the review… It’s an indie film which was made to just have balls to the wall fun and action, which it delivers on 100%. If you like your horror filled with comedy and doused in a very generous serving of blood soaked clothes and corpses, I see no reason why you’re going to feel any disappointment while watching this absolute little gem of a movie!

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