Nerd News: Pop People Coming Soon to Funko HQ and Hollywood

This is quite a cool idea with apparently endless possibilities (although that seems unlikely – a HUGE range of possibilities perhaps, but endless? hmm) for how these new figures look as they seem to work in a Mr potato head kind of way with lots of different styles and accessories which can be bolted together to make a pop which looks like anyone. Or who knows, maybe I have this completely wrong and they can customize the pieces even more to actually make it a world of endless pop-abilities (that’s their cool line not mine sadly).

What ever it is and how ever they do it, the idea is very cool and I look forward to seeing how this works although hopefully they might find it to be so successful that they’ll allow us to customise them online too and have them shipped out. For now though they will only be coming soon to the Funko HQ and their Hollywood store. It looks like they even come in a custom printed box!

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