Nerd News: Numskull Release Wonder Woman and Aquaman Tubbz

An aquaman Tubbz sounds like the perfect combo, and it’s nice to see a ducky version of the most powerful movie female role model cinema has seen in action or sci-fi movies in a long time… I mean what is there not to look up to about this Amazon? And for the Wonder woman figure she has really translated so well in to duck form. You can see exactly who it’s cosplaying as… How can you not with such an iconic character.

As for the Aquaman one, it’s still a very cool figure and it’s based on the movie version played by Jason Momoa so it’s got a beard. You can tell that this is Aquaman because of the outfit, but there’s just something about the beard that I’m not sure about… Maybe it’s just beard envy because it’s fuller than mine, or maybe I just don’t think ducks suit a beard… Who knows – it’s still a pretty cool looking figure though right?

They’re available to pre-order from GeekStore now with a delivery date on their site slated for January 2021. With an RRP of £12.99 and available in most gaming shops, these ducks are always worth looking at adding to your collection, especially now that the range is growing so well!

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