Nerd News: Candylab Castor Set DIY Cars Now Available

I don’t write that much about cars on here but there’s just something special about the Candylab cars at the best of times (I absolutely love their food trucks and really need to get myself some one day)… But they have just released (just in time for Christmas) a brand new product which I think makes them even better… A DIY version!

The Castor set comes with everything you need to put together 3 cars each measuring about 8.9 cm L x 4 cm W x 3.1 cm H, which are then just as much fun to play with as the pre-made ones. Even better still these come in blank wood which means that you can add all your own touches, whether that be the stickers which come with them or a sweet lick of paint!

Get them now for a sweet 29.95 Eur per set of 3 at the link below (which I think will automatically send you to the best retail site for your needs) – I believe the US price is also $29.95


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