Bloodshot Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Wow… where to begin with this one – and sadly I don’t mean that in the good way! I’m usually quite a big fan of Vin Diesel movies, but this one was pretty close to absolute garbage. I actually thought that I would struggle to write a non-spoiler review but to be fair they do a pretty great job of ruining any possible twists for you themselves in the trailer!

Bloodshot is a superhero movie from the Valiant Comics shared cinematic universe, based on the comic of the same name. It looks like the cinematic universe is set to grow with the help of Sony studios, but after the performance of Bloodshot who knows what the future holds for Valiant movies! But Sony seemed to be pretty happy with it as they’re already developing a sequel.

I have to say that out of all the movies which Diesel has been in, this one doesn’t show off his acting all that well. I know that he is generally speaking a simple character and that character is basically the same across almost all of his films… He doesn’t have great range, but even though that should have worked with this film – for some reason it just doesn’t. He makes no effort to show his confusion and distress of waking up from the dead with no memory! I actually think that the supporting cast of Eiza Gonzalez as KT and Toby Kebbell as Martin Axe (who has a really short screen time but absolutely dominates it) do a much better job as actors. Although Lamorne Morris as Wilfred Wigans, I think steels the show. Between them they inject some MUCH NEEDED emotion and comedy.

From here on, if you want a totally fresh entry in to this film, I suggest you watch it now before reading any more OR watching the trailer, because as soon as you press play below there won’t be many surprises left for you…

… Your choice!

There is no hiding in the trailer that Vin Diesel is a soldier who is killed, presumably in action and that there are some circumstances surrounding his wife which ended up with her being shot. We join him as he wakes up with no memory of his life but with a second chance as he has been resurrected from the dead. BUT he’s just a killing machine, and his memory of his wife is programmed and the killer switched out between various RST employees picked from the company database.

So! Now that you know what the story is, you’ve seen the action in the trailer, and you might as well stop there and not waste any more of your time.

I think the biggest disappointment for me is the level of action, because even though it does have gun fights, fist fights and chases they never feel all that energetic, which is not what I expect from Vin Diesel. Although that might be due to the insanely over used slow motion effect. That bit in red in the trailer which is in slow motion… Almost the whole scene is filmed like that which just takes what should be a cool red lit misty fight scene with gory nanite effects and makes it take so long that you find excuses to get up and grab a drink or go for a pee break!

I’d be interested to see where all of the $45 million budget went as well. They clearly couldn’t afford the locations which they wanted which is fair enough – London is an expensive place to do anything, but they made no effort to make their version of Soho, London look anything like any part of London… or the UK for that matter. Most of the filming was done in Eastern Europe and Cape Town… and boy does it show!

To make matters worse, while they are in “London” there are police cars which are totally wrong for the country and the number plates are wrong too on the cars. It really doesn’t take too much of your budget to swap out the number plates on the close up car shots… Let us at least feel like you’ve tried! Instead you have a trail of cars with CA number plates showing us that we’re clearly in Cape Town rather than London.

It might seem like something very small, but I think that for a superhero movie trying to make a mark as being neither DC or Marvel, it has massively let itself down on the finer details.

Does this film have any redeeming features?

Yeah, seeing Toby Kebbell dance through a meat storage facility in sliders & socks, wearing a huge puffer jacket doing a weird dance to Psycho Killer by Talking Heads… That was genuinely entertaining (genuinely one of my favorite movie moments at this time), and you can stop watching right there, catch up with the trailer and call your experience with Bloodshot a resounding success as you didn’t need to sit through the rest.

In fact, here… Let me save you some time:

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