Farewell to Sir Sean Connery who has Died Aged 90

Sean Connery in 2008 taken by Stuart Crawford

Sean Connery is the original bad boy of the movie spy world, and a lot of people credit him for starting the sex appeal and bad boy attitude of James Bond. This is probably the role which he is most well known for – after all James Bond is the most famous spy in the world and since he was the first actor to play the character, has there really been anyone else who has done it better?

Whilst this may be the case for most people, I do enjoy James Bond but I’m not a huge fan… For me, his peak as an actor came much later in a careers which spanned from 1954 until 2012, when we joined Nicolas Cage in 1996 for the Rock.

In that film he brought his bad boy attitude and sex appeal, even though he was much older by now, which he was so well known for and applied it to being an actual bad boy. I can’t think of any 2 actors whom i think have made a better double act since this powerhouse pairing.

Even though he did some voice acting in 2012 he officially retired from acting in 2007.

On 31st October 2020 however, after what his son, Jason Connery confirmed had been an extended period of being unwell, Sean Connery passed away in his home in the Bahamas at the age of 90.

Sir Sean Connery is a true legend of an actor, and I cannot think of anyone who does not know who he is… And let’s be honest, most of them… Most of us have at some point done an impression of him too. After all, he wasn’t just known for his attitude, acting ability and looks, but his voice and accent are amongst his most well known and loved attributes!

Rest in peace.

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