Nerd News: Marvel Lucha Libre Funko Products Coming Soon

I often feel like the Marvel cash cow gets milked for everything its worth by Funko, and it does sort of feel like it again here. These Marvel lucha libre items are however first going out for sale in Latin America, being available for pre-order now in Mexico, Chile and Peru… From a cultural perspective that makes sense, but of course the USA and Canada will be getting them from 1st January. But this isn’t just a Funko thing, and Marvel is rolling out the Marvel lucha libre edition brand for all sorts of merchandise. I don’t know about you but I’d love to just see something which isn’t a rehash of captain America of Marvel in a slightly different uniform or context.

There are going to be 7 different characters and Funko are actually going to focus on every single character for every product range which is quite unusual for them. Usually they’ll have the widest range amongst the pop figures and then spread them out across some other brands, but not this time!

Every character is going to get their own pop figure, pocket pop key chain and 17.5″ plush… now that’s a big wrestling plush!

And who are these 7 mysertious characters?

  • El Furioso based on the Hulk
  • El Animal Indestructible based on Wolverine
  • La Estrella Cosmica based on Captain Marvel
  • El Aracno based on Spiderman
  • El Venenoide based on Venom
  • El Chimichanga de la Muerte based on Deadpool
  • El Heroe Invicto based on Ironman (a poor choice if you ask me because his leotard thing around his mid drift just looks weird)

So if you’re lucky enough to be in one of those countries and want to get your hands on yet more Marvel merchandise, here are those pre-order links:

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