Nerd News: Mezco Release 5 Points Glow in the Dark Frankenstein’s Monster

This figure, I feel is something a little different to most of what Mezco releases these days, and I mean that in a good way! I love the simplicity of this figure, which stands, I would guess 3.75 inches, like the rest of their range of 5 point figures. Whilst they do have plenty of other figures in that range, this is just one colour and nice and simple, which just adds to how awesome it looks… Imagine seeing it in the dark with that glow in the dark feature!

It’s got another cool little feature which is that the top of the head comes off and reveals the brain underneath!

Could you really ask for more from a product which is on pre-order now for just $13.13?… Well other than being available right now for Halloween of course! Their website doesn’t list a release date yet but head on over there and get in line for one of these posable figures with 5 points of articulation which comes in a retro style blister pack.

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