Nerd News: 5 Points Batman (1966) Box Set from Mezco

Available to pre-order for delivery in February or March of next year is an absolutely packed box set of 5 point figures by Mezco Toyz to celebrate the 1966 television series Batman. When I say that this packed, I absolutely mean it at $140 for the full set!

The figures which you will receive are Batman, Robin, Alfred, Catwoman, the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler, but they also come complete with the 1966 bat mobile and a bat cave diorama. The figures themselves are 3.75″ action figures, with the rest of the pack built to suit these surprisingly detailed little figures. And yes… Batman and Robin can definitely sit in the bat mobile!

This set comes in a collector friendly box and as we’ve all come to expect from mezco, it is of course also chock full of accessories:

  • 2 Batman head portraits
  • 2 Robin head portraits
  • 2 Alfred head portraits
  • 2 Catwoman head portraits
  • 2 Joker head portraits
  • 2 Riddler head portraits
  • 2 Penguin head portraits
  • 2 Batarangs
  • 2 bat communicators
  • 1 can of shark repellent
  • 1 bat shield
  • 1 golden cat statue
  • 1 tranquilizer dart gun
  • 1 utility belt
  • 1 painting frame
  • 1 umbrella with additional smoke FX
  • 1 staff
  • 1 money bag
  • seven display bases
  • and finally… and I think this is the absolute kicker and shows the attention to detail and fun which Mezco are known for – 4 sound effect signs including 2 x POW and 2 x BAM!

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