Nerd News: Great Scott, Beamy me up Scotty with Numskull & Tubbz!

Numskull, who produce the Tubbz cosplaying rubber duck vinyl figures have come out with 2 brand new lines, and I have to say that they’re looking great and the perfect pairing for all you sci-fi nerds out there – me included!

With Back to the Future having just celebrated its 35th anniversary they have got the quintessential time travelling duo, Marty and Doc Brown in ducky form hit stored now!

But remember, alongside that Great Scott, I also mentioned Beam me up Scotty, and that’s where for me it gets even more exciting with a decent range of Star Trek cos playing ducks!

I think that whilst Spock has the cute vulcan salute, Bones looks suitably annoyed (probably with something Spock has done or Jim is about to do) and Uhura has got that trademark hair… How they managed to get a duck look that much like captain Kirk just through the expression on its beaked face is mind blowing – I have fallen in love with that figure!

If you’re also wanting your duck collection to go places it has never been before, these guys are hitting the shops now with a recommended retail price of £12.99! Want to have a better look at all of them? Thought so!

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