Funko Junko Yay or Nay Funko Mystery Boxes Vol. 2

I managed to snag I think 3 of their volume 1 boxes, and this time around I got the full limit of 4 boxes because I was so happy with their first lot. I’ll give you a spoiler right now… Volume 3 didn’t disappoint, and I didn’t even really look too hard at the preview images. I couldn’t care less what they announce because I know for a fact that I’m getting a good deal from these guys.

I purchased 4 of them as I said, priced at £18 each and for the whole lot I paid £8 postage, so a nice tidy £80 all in.

There’s a video just below for you to watch if you want to see it as I go through the boxes and then I list each box underneath, so don’t scroll too far if you don’t want to spoil the video!

One of the nicest things about this company is all the other stuff that comes along with the Funko pops… Let me give you a quick run down!

Does every pop come in one of their soft protectors? Yes it does!

Does every box come with some tasty sweeties? You know they do!

If my pop is a bit pants do they soften the blow by giving some other cool little Funko thing? If it’s worth less than what you paid, they sure do!

That last bit is one of the best things as I scored big last time with a Funko Pez dispenser which was very cool… But this time I had a little less luck in terms of fillers I would actually want, but I’m not complaining. All in all I was over the moon with these 4 boxes… Bring on volume 3!

Box 1 – Izuku Midoriya (from My hero Academia) Pocket Pop and Cruz Ramirez (from Cars 3) Pop figure. Valued around £14 (I had to take an ebay guess with the pocket pop)

Box 2 – Papa Emeritus II (from the band Ghost) Pop Rocks figure, exclusive to Hot Topic. Valued £20

Box 3 – Gizmo (from Gremlins) Pop and a Tee, and it even came in my fat boy size! I couldn’t find it with the tee on the Funko app but just the pop alone is valued at £15 so I’m happy – I think the t-shirt is easily worth another £10 – £15

Box 4 – Triceratons Speciality Series (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Dorbz, Spiderman in stealth suit (from Spiderman Home Coming) Pocket Pop and Shank (from Ralph Breaks the Internet) Pop figure. Total value £16

When working out the values I included £1 with every pop figure to account for their pop protectors, because they are super value and I believe are a quid when you add them on to an order with them… One of the best protectors on the British market. I didn’t however add any values for sweeties! The prices I got are from the Funko app on 12th October 2020.

I don’t really care that much about the values as I just love the enjoyment of getting these mystery boxes, but always remember – don’t complain if you don’t like the contents. It’s a bit of fun and if you can’t afford to buy a pop you might not want or already have, then go and buy a pop… don’t gamble 😉 As you can see the values weren’t crazy good for those boxes but if I price the shirt at £15 I bang on made my money back so there’s really no reason to complain anyway!

I would say that the Papa Emeritus and Gizmo pops will likely be the only ones which will stay in my collection though.

Bring on volume 3 guys, I’ll be waiting!

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