10 Movies to Watch on Sky Cinema in the run up to Halloween

Sky cinema is a great way to get access to a wide range of movies at a negligible price – it’s one of those packages which we added to our sky account and never looked back. It’s actually pretty much what killed our DVD collection and a year after first getting it we got rid of about 1,000 DVDs on music magpie! It’s not always the movies you’d expect either, which is nice when it comes to horror, as the big budget ones aren’t always the one’s you need to see.

Here is a list (in no particular order) of 10 horror movies, currently on Sky Cinema, which you should really watch in the lead up to Halloween.


Speaking of which there is also an honorable mention in the box office with Zombieland Double Tap which is even better than the first one. Zombieland is a zombie movie for everyone… I don’t think it’s overly scary (although it’s very gory) and it is absolutely loaded with action, awesome acting and wall to wall comedy. If you’re going to watch one Halloween movies this year cause you don’t really like scary movies… make this that one movie.

The Dead Don’t Die

I want to scrap the last sentence of what I put above… Don’t make Zombieland the one movie you watch this year – if you’re really not that in to scary movies, make it 2 movies you watch, and make sure that the second one is the Dead Don’t Die. It is SO weird! It’s not scary, again has a ton of gore but is also funny as hell, and some times for all the wrong reasons. This is old school horror… Go over the top and go stupid, to the point where the film is so bad (including the acting which is done as such on purpose) that it shoots out the other side as zombie gold!


It’s a wonder that they didn’t make more sequels because, you know… That’s what you do with a great horror recipe, and this was a damn tasty one! I thoroughly enjoyed all of the movies, and the first one still had a little bit of mystery to it which inevitably went a little in the later movies, but this surely stands as a modern horror classic! It’s gritty, it’s violent, it’s bloody and let’s face it, when ever you go abroad and head down a quiet street at night, part of you thinks that this could really happen! Go there if you want to ramp up the scare factor a little from those first fun horror outings.

Halloween (1978)

Surely this film is the epitome of what should be on your screen during the night on 31st October… This movie laid the ground works for so much of the slasher genre, it really does deserve to be allowed to call itself Halloween and fly the horror banner for us movie lovers year on year. The Halloween series as a whole has a lot of spectacular entries, and I for one am actually a big fan of a lot of the newer movies… But with this original classic being the only installment on Sky Cinema at the moment, it’s certainly not a sad one to be stuck with!

Friday the 13th

You know what it does have Friday the 13th (2009) as well as parts 2 to 7 on Sky Cinema and it’s a tough one to choose, BUT assuming that maybe you’re new to horror movies, I think that the 2009 film is probably the most easily accessible. It’s not the best film in the series, I’d actually go for the original part one for that honor, but it’s still just a good, old fashioned, fun slasher fest to keep you happy over the Halloween period.

The Exorcist

So far my theme has been very much zombies and slashers… I don’t know what to tell you, I’ve got a real penchant for those horror sub genres and I’m sure those won’t be the last ones you see in this list, but if you want something which is going to go down the other route a little and creep you out, this horror classic is going to be a nice start. When it had its first cinema release, apparently people would leave the theater screaming and pass out in the aisles… couldn’t imagine that these days – we’ve all been desensitized too much! However this story of a young girl who gets possessed and then become quite frankly disgusting, offensive and all round rank is full to the brim with ahead of its time effects and incredible acting.

IT Chapter 2

If you haven’t seen the first one then this film might get a little bit long winded… and long is a word which comes up quite often when describing this movie, because it really is a long film! However if you enjoy horror I think that this movie doesn’t actually feel that long and I for one really liked it. It does something really nice with the Pennywise story and character, as well as building on the rest of the cast too at different life stages. I hate clowns, but this is one clown I can deal with… but don’t get me wrong – it has some really creepy bits. This film sort of gives you a little from every category… Jump scares, creepiness, suspense, gore and sooooo much blood!

Urban Legend

This is a movie which never really started to be called a classic because of how good it was… it is a classic, but more so because it’s starting to get pretty old now, and it does feel a bit old when you watch it, but it does perfectly encapsulate that 90’s campus horror style which we loved from so many films from that era. I do think that it’s a little under rated, and that might be because it didn’t have a hundred sequels like Scream or I know What you Did Last Summer… Or Final Destination for that matter. But it did take that general concept and added a little bit of a twist to it which might explain why it and none of the others are on the Sky Cinema listing at the moment.

Escape Room

Now this is a movie which I really enjoyed… It is something totally different for you to enjoy this Halloween, and with the insane rise in escape room attractions turning up, it’s a movie which perfectly sums up how we spend our time these days. This escape room is however terrifying and nothing like what you’d see in real life – or at least you’d hope not! The way it is put together is incredibly well done and takes parts of the Saw way of doing things and just puts a new and original twist on it. Absolutely enjoyable all the way through.

Resident Evil: Extinction

If I had to choose a Resident Evil film to put on this list, I actually would have gone for the first or second movie I think… After that I do feel like they started to really scrape the ideas together more and more, but never the less, there isn’t a single film in the movie series which I don’t love, and this just happens to be the only Resident Evil on Sky Cinema at the moment. I think if you’re not familiar with the other 2 films before this, you might get a little bit lost with the concept, but in that case just sit back and enjoy the ride. There’s no clever social commentary if ask me – it’s just balls to the wall zombie annihilation!

I did struggle a little with this list because they have got some other absolutely cracking horror movies on Sky Cinema at the moment but I didn’t want to make a list which would just grow longer and longer so here are some other honorable mentions:

  • The Ring Two
  • Van Helsing
  • Us
  • The Exorcism of Emily Rose
  • The Omen
  • Death Do Us Part
  • Annabelle Comes Home
  • Candyman

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