Talking Music, Horror and Action Figures with Intrinzik of UGH (Underground Hustlin’ LLC) For the Making of Toy Gory 2

You might have seen a little while ago, a Nerd News update about Toy Gory 2, an Underground Hustlin’ LLC venture, which is actually a follow up to the original Toy Gory video… These videos are a perfect mixture of music and horror with a generous splash of Action Figure porn… in some cases more literally speaking than you might think!

But in all seriousness the first video featured some amazing musical talent, interspersed with a really fun stop motion animated horror story and featured the really cool Dark Carnival Shaggy 2 Dope action figure from Insane Clown Posse. These were really cool figures (there’s a Violent J one too of course which is just as awesome), and with this new video they’re sticking to a similar winning formula – only this time they’re using a different figure. This Jamie Madrox (from Twiztid) figure has been seen on some of the literature for Toy Gory 2, and they showed off the boxes for the figures on their Instagram yesterday… How awesome is this video going to be using this figure in a stop motion animation style!

What better way to find out more about the project though than to have a chat with Intrinzik of Undergound Hustlin LLC (UGH) about the first project, where the idea came from and what we can expect from the second instalment… Most importantly how you can help make this happen as it’s an active IndieGoGo campaign on the popular crowd funding platform, and the more support they can get, the better this project is going to turn out!

You can hear him talk about the project below in the IndieGoGo funding video too.

For more details about how to help this project out check out the 2 links below:


FnF – Thanks for having a chat with me about this project.

I found the concept for Toy Gory 2 while flicking through IndieGoGo looking for toy related stuff and have to admit I’d never heard of the first short film, even though I’m a big Twiztid and Insane Clown Posse fan. Knowing that Shaggy 2 Dope from ICP and Jamie Madrox from Twiztid are involved, that both they and Paul Methric also from Twiztid (but not featuring on the video) are big toy fans and that the action figure you used was a Shaggy 2 Dope one, was this project built around Shaggy and Madrox being part of it, or how did the project ever come about?

UGH – We were working on a track with Shaggy and wanted a crazy music video for it. I was also put in touch with a stop motion animator around the same time so we decided to use the toy route, especially since twiztid’s new toys were just around the corner and Jamie Madrox was slated to be the star of Toy Gory 2.

FnF – Obviously the style of music and the horror aspect work so well together, but how does the action figure actually factor into it? In fact I believe you’re using a Madrox figure this time around and had a Shaggy 2 Dope figure in the first video right?

UGH – That is correct. If you follow the story and the release of action figures you can also assume who may be starring in Toy Gory 3. The action figures factor in many ways. #1 we get to utilize a format that the run of the mill underground artist is not currently using, stop motion animation. This makes for a really diverse and unique piece of content. #2 the star of the films don’t need to actually do any video shoots making it easier on their work load. #3 it’s a great promotional tool to advertise the new line of toys and show their level or articulation and detail.

FnF – I’ve seen in a few places that people can get involved with this project and that you’ve got casting calls – is that just for acting roles, or you looking for musicians as well? If the musicians have already all been put together can you divulge any of those yet? We know that Madrox is going to be involved again, and in fact last time the video was listed as featuring Shaggy 2 Dope with this one featuring Madrox, is he going to be the main artist in the video?

UGH – Yes, Jamie is the star of Toy Gory 2. We have some other amazing underground rappers in TG2 including Blackfoot505, Nos Insidious, THC the Oddity, N3kr0t!k, AndrewVDG, Intrinzik, YDMC, The HOF and Krypto Man. Some of these guys were on the first installment of Toy Gory and they are all worthy of a google and spotify search.

At this time we are looking for donors at UGHSTORE.COM and Based on the level of contribution, fans and supporters can have their photo as an Easter Egg in the video or a short video cameo. If you are a business owner you can have product placement as well. Finally if you are looking to build your film resume we are offering an Executive Producer slot as well. All of the packages are neatly outlined in this flyer and on the weblinks.

FnF – Personally my love for horror and toys trumps most other things, as you can see from my site… Is the action figure going to see any more action in this video? The last video as a whole was quite a short video, and the figure doesn’t get too much screen time – I absolutely love what you did with intertwining the short story with some performance videos, but I have to say I’d love to see the story played out a bit more this time.

Is it going to be a continuation of Toy Gory or are we going to see a whole new set of characters and story?

UGH – Toy Gory will be a series of animated video cyphers that will be part of a single story line. Once we feel the story has been told we will be releasing the official short film and soundtrack.

FnF – On the Indiegogo page there are a few different levels of help people can give from $50 all the way through to $1,000 and I have to say that the signed Madrox figure sounds too good to be true – are there any other ways for people to get involved and help have the video even more extreme than the first Toy Gory as you state for yourself?

UGH – Any sort of support is appreciated. It is already looking a level above the first part so the more donations we get, the more over the top we can take it.

FnF – Also what we talking about with even more extreme? A bigger story… bigger effects… or is that going to stay a secret for now?

UGH – To be honest I am just the facilitator of this project. What I can tell you is the music, which is complete, is on a completely different level. We used Toy Gory 1 producer, Stir Crazy, and teamed him up with the almighty Larry Elyea to make a more rock oriented instrumental this time around. Within every verse is a hip hop/metal battle of the producers. This time around there are more live drums and guitars and better mixing and mastering as well. As the guitarist, drummer and audio engineer behind the first Toy Gory, I humbled myself enough to turn things over to Stir and Larry to make a far superior song. The video budget is also bigger this time around so I can only assume Jonathan will be taking things to new levels as well to match the intensity of the music! From what I have seen so far, my assumptions are correct.

FnF – Speaking of that action figure, or even non-screen used ones / packaged ones what are the chances of you selling any more of those (or even that screen used one should you not reach the goal, although I want to see this project so I hope you do reach it) independent of that executive producer perk? I can think of at least one person who’d love to get their hands on one of those!

UGH – Majik Ninja and MNESTORE.COM will be making the Twiztid figures available to the general public in the very near future.

FnF – It’s been an absolute pleasure and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this project pans out, I think you’re on to a winner with the concept and hope you get the level of support the project needs.

UGH – Thanks for reaching out to give this campaign some more promo. Toy Gory 2 will be featured on Intrinzik’s Lasers and Poison album dropping early 2020. This album was also produced entirely by Larry Elyea. 

In the mean time, while we wait for this new video to drop, why not check out the YouTube friendly version of the first Toy Gory:

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