Nerd News: Let’s Take a Look at the 2020 Walmart Collector Con

It’s that time of year at Walmart again where they get together their best and newest exclusive or special edition collectible toys and stick them all in one place for us! A lot of people think it’s just Funko because they’re the ones who shout about it loudest, but there are actually loads of amazing and different products available… Let’s check them out!


Just because they do shout the loudest and happen to be first on the Collector Con website, I will start with those Funko products, and will start small with a brand new mystery minis range based on the office (with these being available by the case of 12 for $65 and there being a chance of up to 3 different Walmart exclusives)… I’m surprised it has taken this long considering how quickly the pops have been selling.

Speaking of pops, let’s move up in size order, with the standard pops next, of which they have a blue version of the Creep from Creepshow, Lloyd and Harry from Dumb & Dumber in their ski outfits, a brand new beetlejuice and a 20th x men anniversary Beast. Then we round off the standard sized pops with a normal pop size in a huge box as they introduce the AC/DC Back in Black Pop Albums.

But Funko don’t stop there as there are going to be 6 new 10 inch super sized pops… Well in fact there are 7 to be exact because that Superman one also has a metallic chase. I always love when they do chase versions of their big pops! He’s going to be joined by 10 inch Marvel Zombies versions of the Hulk, Magneto, Deadpool and Wolverine, as well as a pretty nice looking 80th anniversary Disney Mickey Mouse from Fantasia.

Star Wars

Alongside the many Funko products there are also a lot of Star Wars items this year and some of them are pretty damn awesome.

From the 6 inch Hasbro black series we have dark side Rey, a phase I clone trooper, incinerator trooper, Boba Fett, Jar Jar Binks and a quite frankly absurd looking Walmart exclusive Christmas themed storm trooper (who also comes with a scarf wearing porg). These are then also joined by some cool 3.75 inch black series figures in the form of an incinerator trooper, battle droid, Anakin Skywalker, queen Amidala, a TIE fighter pilot and Captain Rex.

Not a figure but still amazing Star Wars merchandise is this final piece, the Black Series Ahsoka Tano Force FX Elite Lightsaber with Advanced LEDs and Sound Effects.

Keeping with the space theme but no longer Star Wars there are 3 stand alone figures which look amazing, which are this gorgeous bronze Doom Marauder and and 7″ Warhammer Necron artists proof and Adepta Sororitas battle sister.


When it comes to transformers they’ve got an amazing selection with 13 different figures joining the line up. My favourite is the Transformers Generations: Transformers Collaborative: Back to the Future Mash-Up Gigawatt with the Generations set also including:

  • War for Cybertron: Kingdom Core Class WFC-K3 Vertebreak
  • War for Cybertron: Kingdom Voyager WFC-K9 Cyclonus
  • War for Cybertron: Kingdom Deluxe WFC-K4 Cheetor
  • War for Cybertron: Kingdom Core Class WFC-K1 Optimus Prime
  • War for Cybertron: Kingdom Deluxe WFC-K5 Blackarachnia
  • War for Cybertron: Kingdom Deluxe WFC-K6 Warpath
  • War for Cybertron: Kingdom Deluxe WFC-K7 Paleotrex
  • War for Cybertron: Kingdom Voyager WFC-K8 Optimus Primal
  • War for Cybertron: Kingdom Core Class WFC-K2 Rattrap
  • War for Cybertron: Kingdom Leader WFC-K10 Megatron

Then there are 2 new figures in a style which I hadn’t seen for transformers before which is the R.E.D series, which stands for Robotic Enhanced Design where they have Transformers Prime Arcee and Beast Wars Cheetor which are available only at Walmart.

DC Comic Products

They’ve got a few different assorted items for DC all from different series it looks like. The first of these and I think its a bit of an unusual looking figure is the Todd McFarlane 7″ Gold Label Series Batman Figure which is joined by a Special Limited Edition NYCC 3 Pack of 8” Mego DC Super Hero’s – Batman , Superman and Wonder Woman… which again just look awful – especially Wonder Woman. To be honest the DC Characters Signed Limited Edition – 14″ Joker, Green Lantern and Flash by Mego don’t improve the range an awful lot.

Thankfully they also have a bronze edition Arkham Asylum batman who looks amazing and an equally awesome Arkham Asylum Batman vs Arkham Asylum Joker gaming multipack.

G. I. Joe

There are a few G. I. Joe products, from a couple of different lines with the retro collection coming with, Destro, Roadblock and Scarlett all in 3.75″ and a Cobra F.A.N.G. helicopter with a 3.75″ pilot figure.

The classified series on the other hand has 6″ figures and have a much more up to date style and are really highly detailed. This series comes with Zartan and Cobra infantry.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series

This is a really cool set of figures, with the legends series always being super high quality anyway, but if you collect the full series you also amass all the parts you need to make a new hulk figure. In order to build Hulk you will need to collect Kang, Jocasta, Falcon, Atmosphere Ironman, Thunderstrike and stealth Captain America.

On top of all of these amazing products there are still more as well including some McFarlane Spawn, Mortal Combat, Power Rangers (a whole bunch of Power Rangers), Witcher, Naruto and My Hero Academia figures, Godzilla pins and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coins… One final thing which I really love though is this Nerf Halo Mangler Dart Blaster, Pull-Back Priming Handle, Rotating 6-Dart Drum complete with 6 Official Nerf Elite Darts.

By the way these are all available in store and online using the link below, but we quick because some of the items have already started to sell out!

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