What is a Monskey Maniacs Figure?

Monskey figures are amongst the first of the customizable vinyl toys which grace the designer toy world these days, and they are one which has remained synonymous with street art… The brand is designed with one thing in mind, and that is for the figure to be a canvas. In the past these figures were widely available with mass produced designs by other artists, but that’s just not the case any more.

Now, they come in 2 different types only and both of them completely plain… The only difference? One is 15 cm tall and the other 30 cm.

In terms of their general shape they remind me a little of the Munny by Kid Robot. It’s clearly a cartoonized human with those pokey out ears at the side and over-sized head… Although I think the head to body ratio isn’t quite as exaggerated as it is in the Munny. One thing which is different about the head, which I am glad about as it’s basically the only thing about the Munny which I don’t like, is the “snout” at the bottom of the face. I think it distorts some designs in a weird way from some angles. The Monskey has a nice smooth face.

This is the Munny
This is the Monskey

One thing where it makes up for the lack of a snout, to add some more curves to the figure, it does have quite a big booty!

I think the curves of this figure though are really nice and it is definitely one of my favorite looking DIY figures out there, and the finish is nice too, it’s quite rough and soft rather than being 100% smooth and shiny. This does help the paint or pen or glue or what ever you’re using stick a bit better to the plastic.

Price wise they’re pretty good as its a large and super high quality figure, which also incidentally comes in a really nice packaging designed with the customizer in mind… Especially on display in a shop, these really do catch the eye!

There is however just one thing which I don’t like about them! The joints are very sturdy and the plastic is pretty thick. What that results in is VERY tight joints. They are almost impossible to get off without soaking in hot water to soften them up… Something which of course you don’t want to have to do after you’ve put hours or work in to painting it. So with the last one I customized I actually shaved a load of plastic off the ball end of the joint to make them easier to squeeze back on after painting. It wasn’t hard to do but took quite a while and was just a pain in the butt which I wish i hadn’t had to do.

By the way I’v had one large Monskey which I am customizing which I got from eBay. This one wasn’t plain an turned in to a lot of work! This is also a good place to get the small Monskey figures second hand. For a nice new one in the box ready to be painted I got my first one from el Muro Spray Shop in Spain who also have an online shop:


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